The Enthusiastic WineKnow
The Enthusiastic WineKnow
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You have the basics down and are ready to ramp things up a bit. Wine is becoming a bit of an obsession for you – you read wine magazines, books or blogs. You wonder if points really mean anything and are learning to trust your own internal wine critic. Let us be your wine guide. We’ll help you to better understand your palate by introducing you to a wide range of wines from around the globe and providing you with background information to help you continue to build your knowledge base.


3-4 bottles of white and/or red wines selected by us every quarter from across the globe
Background information about the wines, region of origin, producer and pairing suggestions
Free admission to our regular weekly in-store tastings for 2
Advance notice and registration opportunities for special events

• 15% discount on current club release wines 1-11 bottles
• 20% discount  on current club release wines 12 bottles or more

Regular store discount applies to other wine purchases
Invitation to Annual Club Party

Cost: Approximately $150/quarter (plus tax)

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You have the basics down and are ready to ramp things up a bit.
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